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Year 2016 in Review

Posted 01.20.2017 Business

It’s finally time to share some behind the scenes from last wedding season! The good, bad and mostly ugly! We had 30 fabulous couples this past year and it was such an honor to be a part of the biggest day in their lives! I love each and every one of them and this year I need to do better in getting a photo with them!

The year was started off with a bridal session with my sweet Morgan. I was 4 months post baby and you will be able to watch the weight fall off. I cringe a little when seeing some of these. My sweet Lily and those cinnamon rolls she craved made me pile on some weight!

I wanted to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of the photographers who second shot/helped me this past year! Suzanne, Corinne, Krista, Alaina, Brandon and last but not least…my husband!! Daniel is my rockstar and my everything!! How he puts up with me, I do not know but I love him for it! 

I promise Suzanne was not about to smack Cristina in the head! Reminds me of the V8 commercials! Can you believe that the image on the right was shot in the edge of a parking lot?! 

Stripes and baby weight = not a good idea

Michele is like….mmhmm..go ahead girl

I tend to ignore one’s personal space. Sorry Kristin!

It takes a village! 

Phil with Twenty One Films working it! A pro at walking backwards! You can watch Kristin & Jordan’s amazing wedding video HERE!

Suzanne always has the perfect buns! Ones that I want to poke my finger through the middle!

Like this pose? We got this! Jessica with Happily Ever After event planning

Oh Suzanne! Namaste… 

Preston with Morgan Scott Films! We were in fact that as excited as well!!

Daniel looks to be a little cautious. 

All business – No play

Photographer, Flower Pinner, Dress Fluffer…anything you ask, I’m your girl! Side note: this was THE.HOTTEST.DAY.EVER!!!!!!! Promise!

Taylor with Tailored Films out of Albemarle, NC! Taylor was super cool to work with and such a nice/fun person! You can check out Ashley & Joel’s wedding film HERE!

Well isn’t that the prettiest thing you have every seen?!

Corinne | Vanna White or Mr. Roboto? 

Krista laying down on the job. 😉 

Ramesy showed up!! I’m not involved in the NC State vs Carolina rivalry but I know this would make my brother-in-law happy!

Thank you Brandon for this action shot!

I’m most likely being bossy and they do not look impressed! However, Franklin is focused on paying attention!


I bet you $100 he is checking ESPN! ::Insert eye roll here::

Another favorite!! He can be for hire if need be!

Rarely serious ↓ Always silly ↑

This face is about how our day was summed up! This was the day Hurricane Matthew hit! We all joined together to make Evan & Brian’s day go flawlessly given the situation! But inside I was totally over Hurricane Matthew. 

Oh Evan!! Love her to pieces and she was sooo calm! Given we all were stranded, loosing power and the list goes on. She was such a trooper and go married regardless!!! No hurricane could stop her and Brian!

I like them crispy!

Nathan with Oak City Films trying to entertain us ladies! You can watch Ashlynn & Ben’s fairytale Disney inspired wedding HERE!

Ashley with Oak City Fims! Don’t choke me for this one!!!

THIS!! This should be framed for sure! 

Our last wedding of the year, Christiana & Jared!! 

Hurry up and take the photo! I have food to eat!

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